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Tamar Zahavi - Clinical Psychologist

Psychology Care For Adults

Clinical Psychologist Is a professional who holds at least a master's degree in psychology from a recognized institution, specializing in clinical psychology, completed four years of clinical training in an approved institution, and took the certification exam conducted by the Ministry of Health.

Academic Education

master degree Master degree (M.A.) in clinical psychology (cum laude) – Tel Aviv University.
Thesis: Effects of repetition on confidence in knowledge among OCD checkers. Supervisor: Prof. Reuven Dar.
Bachelor Degree Bachelor Degree in Psychology (cum laude) – Tel Aviv University.
Philosophy Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and general studies (cum laude) – The Hebrew University.

Training and professional experience

Has versatile professional experience in short and long term psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults; couple therapy and guidance for parents; as well as in counseling and psychological diagnostics in various recognized institutions including:

master degree Psychologist in Telem - Kibbutz Child and Family Clinics;
master degree Psychologist in the Psychiatry Department at the Barzilai Medical Center;
master degree One year internship in the mental health center, Ramat Chen;
master degree One year internship in the Psychiatry Department at Abravanel Hospital;
master degree Specialized in treatment of trauma (CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR – therapy for trauma recovery), couple therapy (Hendrix Imago therapy) and a variety of treatment techniques (including: therapeutic cards, role playing, guided imagery, psychodrama and more).

Today, clinical psychologist; provides counseling services and therapy in private clinics in Tel Aviv and Moshav Timorim; as well as teaches and mentors therapists in the bodymind balance center.
Clinical psychologist - Moshav Timurim.
Tel: 972-8-8501852.
Clinical psychologist - Tel Aviv.
Tel: 972-3-6479153.

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